Treating Yeast Infection

“What are the different ways to treat yeast infection?” This is a common question. Yeast infection is caused by microorganisms normally present in a person’s body. Despite the immune system’s capacity to prevent the microorganisms from reproducing excessively, some cases still exceed the prevention capacity of the immune system.

Candida albicans is the fungus that causes the infection. Infection occurs when the defense mechanisms of the immune systems or the microorganisms that protect the body against over-production of yeast are destroyed by Candida albicans.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

Treating Yeast InfectionThere are number of ways to stop the yeast infection. Symptoms of yeast infection in the genital area include burning sensations in the sex organ, inflammation or soreness, painful urination, and painful sexual intercourse. Some of the treatments easily available include creams and lotions to be applied in the affected area. However, these treatments are only temporary solutions to the problem. Natural remedies are the treatments recommended by experts.

Home Remedies

Yeast infections present in the genital area can be treated by applying yogurt. A person who has yeast infection may also increase his or her consumption of yogurt, which promotes good and healthy microorganisms that can fight against the yeast infection. If yogurt is applied to the genital area, see to it that it is rinsed thoroughly after one or two hours of application. Another method is to use garlic. It may sound bizarre, but inserting a garlic inside one’s vagina provides immediate relief from the pain and itchiness and destroys the infectious yeast present inside.

On the other hand, strong ingredients such as vinegar are very helpful in destroying yeasts. However, be very careful in using vinegar as a solution to yeast infections. Effects could be painful so to lessen the acidity of vinegar, you may mix it with water before applying to the affected area. You may want to experience the relaxing and soothing effect of a hot bath by adding a cup of vinegar.

Treating Yeast InfectionIf the yeast infection is in the mouth, consumption of yogurt can help. Gargling with a saline solution is one of the few methods that really works. Another method found to work against yeast infection is the application of garlic juice on the affected body part. Those who have yeast infection must not eat sweet foods or those with excessive sugars because it will reinforce the production process of yeast in the body and will worsen the situation.

Lastly, if you have a yeast infection, wear loose and fiber-made undergarments to keep the genital area dry, clean, and ventilated. Make sure to maintain clean and healthy hygiene so that treatment of the yeast infection is made easier. Preventing the reproduction of the yeast present in the infected area is better than the cure. Yeast infection can be treated without much medication.