Equate Personal Care Miconazole 7 Day Treatment  is used for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections and for the relief of associated external itching and irritation.

Personal Care Miconazole Equate Ingredients

Product ingredients include 100 mg of Miconazole Nitrate per applicator. Each product box contains 7 applicators.


1 application daily.


$4.97 for a 1.59 once container with 7 disposable applicators (advertised as enough for 7 days of treatments). The product is sold by Walmart and can be purchased on line or from local Walmart stores.

Personal Care Miconazole Equate Guarantee

This product is sold through Walmart which offers a 90 return policy from date of purchase with the original packaging. Walmart also provides customer service contact information including an on line store locator to use to find store locations and  phone numbers.


The product source contains so little information about the product, its dosage and ingredients that it is very hard to recommend this product, However, the product is inexpensive enough that a prospective buyer risks little trying the product out for an initial 7 treatments (one box of 7 product applications). Even so having a health care professional review the product  prior to purchase remains a good idea as would contacting Walmart (the product distributor) for additional information on product ingredients, gurantees and return policies.

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