Professional Botanicals Candida-X2 is a great product on the market to help cleans and support the balance of healthy bacteria in the body. Candida, or a yeast infection, can cause many uncomfortable symptoms and health issues when these bacteria are unbalanced.

Some of these symptoms include brain fog, exhaustion, fatigue and memory loss. However, the most common symptoms that people experience are vaginal infections, jock itch, athlete’s foot, itchy skin or other digestive disorders. The good news is these symptoms are often reversible with a change in diet and the use of good supplemental treatment.

Professional Botanicals Candida-X2 Ingredients

• Selenium 2 mg

• Zinc 2 mg

• Mediterranean Oregano

• Pau-d-Arco

• Odorless Garlic

• Black Walnut Leaf

• Butternut

• Echinacea Angustifolia

• Thymus Substance

• Amylase

• Protease

• Lipase

• Glucomylase

• Invertase

• Malt Diatase

• Eleuthero

• Reishi Jiaogulan


• Rhodiola Rosea

• Gelatin

Is This A Good Product For Me?

Professional Botanicals Candida-X2 contains a number of dietary ingredients that will help cleanse and detoxify the digestive system and maintain a healthy yeast balance in the intestinal tract which helps support the overall balance of healthy bacteria. Results will vary from person to person, depending on the severity and extent of the yeast imbalance, diet and general lifestyle.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects could be identified for this product. As always, with any medication, supplement or treatment, consult your doctor before use.

Suggested Use

For best results, before starting Candida-X2, take 15 capsules of Flora Norm or Flora Vegie four times a day for the first three days. On the 4th day, reduce to two capsules and begin taking one capsule of Candida-X2 with 2 tablets of Di-Aide Enzymes four times daily, or directed by a health care professional.

Professional Botanicals Candida-X2 Guarantee

This product does not offer a money-back guarantee.


Internet pricing may vary from website to website. At the time of writing this review this product was found at a price of $38.97 for bottle of 90 capsules.

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