Comprehensive Yeast Relief is manufactured by a company known as Pioneer. It’s marketed as an all- natural formula for regulating naturally occurring candida and inhibiting its continued growth. We found it on several websites.

It comes in a bright, well-labeled bottle that is hard to miss. We were interested in finding out how it works and here is what we found about its ingredients.

Pioneer Comprehensive Yeast Relief Ingredients

• Uva Ursi – is a type of a plant related to bearberry species. Its leaves have been used for medicinal purposes such as treating urinary infections for hundreds of years. It’s included in this formula as a diuretic, to help cleanse the body of the overgrowth infections. While Uva Ursi is safe to use through the mouth, it can cause vomiting, nausea and stomach discomfort. It also contains a chemical known to thin eye retina.

• Garlic – is a species in the onion genus that’s known for its immune boosting properties.

• Caprylic acid, quebracho and berberine sulfate work together to inhibit cellular growth and enhance treatment.


The suggested use for Comprehensive Yeast relief is 4 capsules per day, preferably before meals, although it may also be used in divided doses.

Possible Side Effects

Use of this product may have contraindications in kidney disorders, acidic urine, irritated digestive conditions or in combination with treatments known to produce acidic urine. It’s also not recommended for prolonged use unless it’s so directed by a physician.

Will This Produce Long-Term Results?

We indeed found Comprehensive Yeast Relief on quite a number of websites. However, the product has not been substantially reviewed and we therefore could not rate its effectiveness based on consumer experiences.


Each bottle of 60 capsules retails at $20.79 from the company. While the company seems not to have any discount program, several other retailers offer up to 41% discount, bringing the price to about $12.20. The company’s list price seems to be a bit on the higher side, based on the quality of this product. If you stick to the suggested dose of 4 capsules per day, you would need 2 bottles in a month, spending about $42.00, based on the company price.

Pioneer Comprehensive Yeast Relief Guarantee

We couldn’t find money back guarantee for this product from the company, and we don’t know what they could be hiding. However, some of the other online vendors have general return policies for their respective stores.

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