NutraPuris Premium Advanced Probiotic Ultra Blend contains pure healthy digestive enzymes and vitamins. It supports total digestive health and boosts the immune system daily. No refrigeration is required.

With NutraPuris Preminu Advanced Probiotic Ultra Blend:

  • Results are fast. Endless daily stomach pains like bloating, gas and indigestion end. Get ready to feel lighter and have more energy.
  • Get ready to become ‘regular’ again. Prepare to also enjoy healthy, regular bowel movements with no constipation.
  • Many users report a fast improvement in their digestive system and feel their intestinal problems have finally been resolved even when all else has failed.
  • Perfect for daily use by anyone. Particularly useful for holiday periods or during foreign travel when your eating patterns may go off track.

NutraPuris Premium Advanced Probiotic Ultra Blend Ingredients

The product source provides only very limited and general information about product ingredients except that it contains Bacillus Coagulans and Nutraflora® P-95  with digestive enzymes and vitamins


The product source contains no information on daily product dosage.


$49.95 for 60 tablets. Again, no information is provided on daily product dosage. The product can be purchased on line.

NutraPuris Premium Advanced Probiotic Ultra Blend Guarantee

The vendor offers a 100% free lifetime guarantee but provides no details about how this guarantee works (does lifetime apply to user lifetime or product lifetime, for example). The vendor provides a mailing address but no contact or customer service phone number in the product source.


It is difficult to recommend this product based on the limited information contained in the product source. The product source contains little information on product ingredients and no information on product dosage. The product vendor also provides only limited information on product guarantees and return policies and only an email address to contact for information. Also the product is expensive, up to nearly $49.95 a month if two tablets are taken daily.Anyone interested in purchasing this product should think about having a health care professional review the product or contacting the vendor for information on product dosage, ingredients, product guarantees and returns prior to making a purchase.

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