Anti-Yeast Capsules is made by a company known as Nature Had It First. It’s a combination of organic and wild herbs intended to be used with regular diet.

The product comes in a 100 capsules’ bottle and is claimed to help eliminate pathogen yeast while at the same time strengthening the body’s system.

Despite these claims, the manufacturer’s website has inadequate information about the product.

Anti-Yeast Capsules Nature Had It First Ingredients

Anti-Yeast Capsules is a mixture of the following wild crafted and organic herbs:

• Goldenseal root – While goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis) is popularly used in the United States in combination with Echinacea for treating colds, there is no evidence about its effectiveness and there’s little scientific proof that it can actually treat any condition.

Echinacea – The available research shows that Echinacea contains some chemicals that are known to act on yeast and prevent conditions such as vaginal yeast infections. The only concern is that there have been cases of Echinacea products being contaminated with arsenic, lead and selenium.

• Pau D’Arco – is usually applied directly on the skin to treat Candida yeast infection. The challenge about the products labeled Pau D’arco is that many of them contain related species such as Tecoma curialis. Since there isn’t much information about the ingredients in Anti-Yeast Capsules, it’s hard to tell whether it contains inner back (known to be more effective) or outer bark of this plant.

• Slippery Elm – While it’s been used to treat various conditions, such as urinary infections, there is no sufficient evidence to rate its effectiveness on yeast treatment.

• Myrrh Gum – Myrrh has been used to treat conditions such as thrush. However, more information is needed to rate its effectiveness.

• Black Walnut Hull – is used to treat many conditions including yeast and urinary tract infections, although more evidence is still needed to rate its effectiveness.


Each bottle contains 100 capsules. However, there is no other information about dosage. We feel this info ought to have been included, given that it’s a blend of different ingredients, some of which may cause side effects.

Possible Side Effects

Some of the ingredients used in this product may cause side effects. Black walnut for instance, may not be safe for breast-feeding or expectant mothers. American Cancer Society states that some of the chemicals in Pau D’Arco can be toxic and may cause liver and kidney damage when taken internally in high doses.

Will This Produce Long-Term Results?

It’s hard to tell whether this product will produce long-term results. The only available information is that its ingredients are designed to work along your diet, which sounds more of maintenance than a long term solution.


The product retails at $21.50 and there is no discount program. If you take 3 capsules per day then the 100 capsules bottle would last for about a month. We feel this is a fair price, considering the level of ingredients used.

Anti-Yeast Capsules Nature Had It First Guarantee

We couldn’t find money back guarantee from the owners or resellers, which makes you wonder what they could be trying to hide.

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