We searched different products to determine what kind of treatments would heal infections found in both men and women. We encountered Yeastrol in this search and was fascinated of its all-natural formulation. We asked several reviewers regarding their experience using Yeastrol. Here’s what we uncovered:

What Yeastrol Yeast Infection Relief Contains:

Yeastrol contains all natural ingredients. Its 12 active ingredients effectively work on infected areas in the body. This homeopathic remedy contains no artificial additives and preservatives. It is marketed as a completely natural treatment to yeast infections.

Recommended Daily Dosage

Yeastrol is formulated to get into your system quickly. Just spray the liquid twice under your tongue three times a day. This homeopathic remedy gets into your bloodstream fast in order to correct issues with microflora imbalance.


A bottle of Yeastrol costs $29.95. If you buy three you’ll be spending $59.95 and for six it would be $89.95. How long a bottle would last would vary according to the amount that you use per day.

Before Using The Product…

Even if there is no prescription required to buy Yeastrol, it is still wise to consult your doctor before taking it. Health care professionals are aware how the ingredients would actually work with the unique biochemistry of each person.

In Conclusion

A homeopathic treatment like Yeastrol that allows you to spray the medication under your tongue is helpful not just for women, but appropriate for men as well. However, more reviewers found the product to have little or no effect in relieving infections. Some have used the product regularly for several months and it still didn’t work. It was also ineffective for people with moderate to severe yeast infections.

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