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Supplement Facts
Active Ingredients: Each dose contains equal parts of: Calc carb 6C HPUS, Kreosotum 12C HPUS,Lycopodium 12C HPUS, Merc sol 30C HPUS, Sepia 6C HPUS.
Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water, grain alcohol (20% by volume).
There are many homeopathic products for yeast infection on the market today and Vagi-Soothe is just one of them. Vagi-Soothe promises to relieve temporarily the discomfort of some symptoms associated with yeast infections.


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This review of Vagi-Soothe contains all the necessary information potential customers might need to decide whether they will benefit from taking this product or not. The manufacturer claims that this product will help women temporarily feel relief from their yeast infection symptoms. It has five active ingredients but also includes grain alcohol. This is an oral medication in liquid form. Keep reading to find out more.


Each bottle of Vagi-Soothe contains five different active ingredients:

  • Kreosotum
  • Merc sol
  • Lycopodium
  • Calc carb
  • Sepia

Inactive ingredients include: USP purified water and grain alcohol.


The manufacturer recommends mixing 0.5ml of Vagi-Soothe with ¼ cup of water and sipping it slowly. This should be repeated between three to five times a day, preferably 10 minutes after meals or at least 30 minutes after brushing your teeth. It is important not to use a toothpaste with a strong flavor such as mint, which is known to lessen the potency of some of the ingredients in this product.

Possible Side Effects

Per the instructions listed on the product’s bottle, pregnant and breastfeeding women must check with their doctor before taking this product. Those with persistent or worsening symptoms are advised to discontinue using it and contact their doctor.


Vagi-Soothe can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website. One 59ml bottle, which lasts approximately 30 days, costs $39.95. Getting two bottles will get you one more bottle for free, which shaves 33% off your total purchase price. If you choose to use the auto-delivery service, you are eligible for an additional 10% discount and free shipping for any product offered by the manufacturer.


The manufacturer offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee for all its products. Customers returning the product must provide their name, a copy of the order and a packaging slip, or they will risk getting charged a 25% administration fee.

Customer reviews are available both on the official product website and some retailers pages. Most of them are favorable, however, some state that the product has not worked for them.


Vagi-Soothe promises to relieve women temporarily of their yeast infection symptoms. The price may seem a little steep, but there are discounts available, which make it quite affordable. However, a product must be designed to work. Some customers did state that it works, but a number of them have experienced little or no results. We would have liked for the product to have included key active ingredients and probiotics and not just homeopathic components. It is also only targeted to women, alienating men who also may get yeast infections. Lastly, it only offers a temporary solution to a problem that for some is a chronic issue.

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