Total Candida Defence is made a U.K based company known as Silvertown Health. The product is marketed as a natural supplement formula, aimed at reducing the symptoms caused by candida yeast infection, such as bloated stomach, thrush and indigestion, and offering an all-natural treatment. Its effectiveness is based on a formula that combines herbs, essential fatty acids and probiotics.

We got interested in knowing how it works and closely looked into what it really contains.

Total Candida Defence Silvertown Health Ingredients

• Garlic – is a species in onion genus that has been relied upon to treat or prevent various problems including antifungal. It’s contained in this product to support gut bacteria without destroying healthy bacteria

Caprylic Acid – is a type of a fatty acid produced in the body and also found in coconut oil, palm oil, butter fat and other animal and vegetable sources. Caprylic acid is claimed to help balance the growth of good bacteria.

• Aloe Vera – is a cacti-like plant belonging to lily family that’s believed to contain antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which is included for cleansing purposes.

• Cinnamon is a spice that’s obtained from the inner bark of trees belonging to cinnamonum family. A number of studies have shown that cinnamon has antifungal properties and can indeed act against candida.
Other Ingredients include

• Quercetin is a bioflavonoid known to have antibiofilm against candida albicans.

• Grapefruit Seed Extract – is known to contain antifungal properties and has been relied as a natural treatment for candida.

• Oregano Extract – is derived from shrubs growing in the mountain and is known to possess antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

• Bifidobacteria probiotic – are a type of good bacteria living in the intestines, which are useful for cleansing GI tract and feeding on candida.

• Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic – are known to restore healthy bacteria in the system.

• Others include cloves, beetroot, rosemary leaf, thyme, glucosamine from vegetable sources and zinc citrate.


Each bottle of Total Candida Defence contains 60 capsules. The suggested use is one capsule three times daily during the first month preferably taken with meals and then one capsule once or twice daily from the second month, until there are no more symptoms.

Possible Side Effects

Although Total Candida Defence has no known side effects, some ingredients such as caprylic acid may cause mild undesirable feelings such as headache or stomach upset.

Will It Produce Long-Term Results?

This product has received overwhelming consumer reviews. While most of them claim to have benefited from using it, others complain of getting symptoms such as thrush while still using it. Some admit to getting some help before symptoms begin setting in again and so on. Our overall assessment is that majority of consumers think it’s a good product.


Each bottle of Total Candida Defence retails at £13.97 from the company. For US market, we found it retailing around $99. We did not find any discount program for this product. We feel that the price is quite high, especially for the US market.

Total Candida Defence Silvertown Health Guarantee

The company does not have an express money back guarantee. For a full refund to be issued, the goods must be returned unopened, and the buyer must meet all postage cost for the return.

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