Candida Balance is made by a company known as Symbiotics.

Marketed as a gastrointestinal detoxifier, a multi-nutrient formula containing colostrums and probiotics, the product is claimed to help maintain healthy levels of Candida albicans while promoting growth of healthy bacteria.

We got interested to know how it works and carried out a bit of investigation on its ingredients.

Candida Balance Symbiotics Ingredients

Candida Balance bases its effectiveness on the combination of three following processes:

• Lactoferrin – is a type of protein found in milk and other secretions that’s known to contain bacterial and iron binding properties. It’s essential for depriving candida of iron required for growth.

• Bifidobacterium – are a class of bacteria usually living in the intestine that are essential for many intestinal problems. They are included to boost gastrointestinal (GI) tract health and feed on candida.

Colostrum – or first milk from mammals known to be useful for treating fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

• Symbiotics Colostrums Plus combines lactoferrin, Proline-rich polypeptide and immunoglobulin that are essentially utilized for promoting immune system.

• Others include a blend of sunflower lecithin, rice flour, Gelatin and Medium Chain triglycerides.


The recommended dose for Candida Balance is 2 capsules per day, preferably before meals. This amount can be increased when facing environmental or physical stress. For faster results, one of the most complete products in terms of formula and dosage is YeastClear; during the first month, you take one capsule in the morning, and one in the evening. From the second month, you increase to 3 capsules per day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Possible Side Effects

Some priobiotics such as bifidobacterium may cause some side effects such as allergic reactions, itching and rashes.

Will It Produce Long-Term Results

The ingredients used in this product are good and we indeed found quite a number of positive reviews. But we also found a reasonable number of unhappy consumers. Our observation is that just like with many probiotic products, Candida Balance may produce some positive results in many people but still disappoint some.


Each 120 capsules bottle of Candida Balance retails at $29.99 from the company and other retailers’ websites. Some retailers sell it between $29.00 and 36.00. We did not find any discount being offered. Taking 2 capsules per day as recommended would last 2 months. That means you would spend around $15.00 per month.

Candida Balance Symbiotics Guarantee

We couldn’t find money back guarantee or any type of return policy from the company. Only a few of the retailers’ websites that we visited have their own return arrangements. A good company or vendor should guarantee customer satisfaction, unless they have doubts about their products’ quality standards.

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