Balance Complex All Natural Complete Female Wellness Supplement for women provides a daily supplement for candida support and vaginal freshness as well as a natural anti-fungal supplement. Effective for yeast management, balance ph, female bacteria and female candida support and relief to support bacterial vaginosis with healthy yeast balance, female bladder support and healthy intestinal function. Provides maximum daily flora control for menopause support and pms support. Additional support information includes the following:

  • YEAST MANAGEMENT SUPPORT to help with vaginal itching relief, vaginal discharge, bacterial vaginosis treatment, support healthy intestinal function, bladder support and helps prevent yeast overgrowth;
  • Support and relief for optimal urinary tract health and yeast balance support. For restoration and maintenance of vaginal acidity. Perfect before/after intimacy – eliminates vaginal odor;
  • Promotes OPTIMAL VAGINAL HEALTH and candida support with candida balance and candida cleanse by method of balance ph. No more female odor, female smell, vaginal discharge and bv with this daily supplement for yeast infection treatment;
  • FLORA IMBALANCE SUPPORT with vaginal flora control supplement. Balance complex is the quality vaginal anti-fungal natural supplement for vaginal hygiene treatment to maintain feminine wellness and freshness. Dietary supplement pills that could complement a feminine wash, feminine soap, vaginal cream, or douche to restore feminine balance and yeast control.

Balance Complex All Natural Acidophilus Ingredients

Ingredients include oregano extract, Caprylic Acid, Protease, L. Acidophilus, Cellulase, Aloe Vera Gel, Arabinogalactan (fiber aid), Anise Seed, Reishi Mushroom, Black Walnut Hulls and Wormwood. Specific ingredient amounts are not provided in the product source.


This product is sold in 60 tablet containers but the product source contained no daily dosage information.


 $39.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling. This product can be purchased on line without a prescription.

Balance Complex All Natural Acidophilus Guarantee

The vendor (this product is sold through Amazon) offers a 100% refund if the product is returned within 30 days of delivery. Amazon provides a customer service contact number.


Without more information on specific ingredient amounts it is difficult to recommend this product, especially at a total cost of $45.95 including shipping coupled with no information in the product source on daily dosage or actual ingredient amounts. Anyone interested in purchasing this product may want to contact Amazon customer service for more information or have a health care professional review the product prior to purchase.

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