Candida (Candida albicans) is a yeast that is normal flora of the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract and reproductive tract. Candida overgrowth is common today, however, due to our modern lifestyle including overuse of antibiotics, a diet that includes highly processed foods and excess sugar, medications including oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy, and stress.

Candida overgrowth can present intestinal disturbances including gas and bloating, a tendency towards vaginal yeast infections, blood sugar imbalances and energy swings, fatigue, headaches, itchy skin, suppressed immune function, and other problems.

NaturalWellBeing Candida Rescue provides natural support for combating Candida overgrowth including:

  • Intestinal dysbiosis due to yeast overgrowth,
  • Vaginal yeast infections,
  • Parasites and other fungal infections.

Candida Rescue is an excellent adjunct used alongside an ‘anti-Candida’ diet that includes elimination of refined carbohydrates (flour, processed foods such as bread, muffins, pastries, cereals, etc.), sugar, and alcohol, especially beer and wine. Sugar is the primary food source for Candida and promotes its rapid proliferation and overgrowth.

Maintaining a healthy whole-food diet, re-establishing balanced intestinal flora (with probiotic supplementation), and strengthening the digestion are key to avoiding a recurrence of Candida overgrowth.

NaturalWellBeing Candida Rescue Ingredients

Ingredients include: Usnea lichen, Pau d’Arco bark, Spilanthes flower, fresh Black Walnut hulls and additional ingredients. A complete ingredient list as well as specific ingredient amounts in each product bottle are not provided in the product source.


Take 60 to 90 drops three to four times per day in water or juice.


$14.95 for a 1 once bottle. The product source provides no information about the number of dosage drops 1 once of the product yields. The product can be purchased on line.

NaturalWellBeing Candida Rescue Guarantee

The product vendor offers a 90 from date of delivery full refund and provides a customer service number in the product source. Returns do require a vendor return authorization.


 The lack of a complete ingredient list is a concern as are the dosage instructions. Measuring and then taking 60 to 90 drops of the product 3 times a day will be time consuming in addition to causing a need for possible frequent product refills. A prospective purchaser may want to consider this purchase carefully in view of these dosage requirements despite the low cost of a single bottle.

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