Candida yeast problems have existed for a long time. This isn’t some kind of “new” health challenge. But for many decades the different health issues contributed by a candida yeast overgrowth were referred to by other names or there was no connection made with possible fungal overgrowth.

It’s only been in the last decade or so that many folks have figured out that a candida yeast overgrowth can potentially make someone very sick. Some folks suffer more than others, but no one wants to go through life not feeling their best.

Candida yeast can become a problem because of any of the following:

  • Too many carbohydrates in the diet,
  • While anti-biotics are a good thing, taking them too often can result in a candida yeast overgrowth.  Keep in mind that anti-biotics kill both good and bad bacteria, So after taking a round of anti-biotics the intestinal tract can end up with a shortage of good bacteria, which leaves the door open for a possible candida yeast problem.
  • Living in a warm, wet or humid climates.
  • Heredity may play a factor.  Quite often a candida yeast sufferer can remember a parent suffering too.  

MSWB Threelac for Candida Yeast Relief is a unique probiotic product to use to control Candida yeast growth. It contains 3 strains of live lactic acid bacteria that has helped thousands across the globe get their candida yeast related problems under control. Threelac isn’t like most other probiotics  on the store shelf because the strains of bacteria it contains are more aggressive when it comes to dealing with candida yeast related issues.

Threelac for Candida Yeast Relief Ingredients

  • Vitamin C – 75 mg,
  • Vitamin B6 – .4 mg,
  • Vitamin B1 – .4 mg,
  • Vitamin B2 – .4 mg.
  • Other ingredients: yeast powder, dietary fiber, lemon juice powder, canola oil, Beta Cyclodextrin, Erythritol.


1 packet daily before a meal.


 $49.95 for 60 packets (a 60 day supply) plus $5.95 shipping and handling. The product can be ordered on line.

Threelac for Candida Yeast Relief Guarantee

The product vendor offers a 60 day money back guarantee from date of purchase (for 1 box only however). The product source contains a customer service contact number as well as a number of product testimonial.


This product is expensive for a dietary supplement even though the product is shipped with a 60 day supply. The product source contained a customer service contact number as well as product testimonials as mentioned. However even though this product can be purchased without a prescription anyone considering making a purchase in light of the product cost  and the medical condition to be treated may want to have a health care professional review the product first.

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