CandiClear5 is made by a company called Zortho. It’s claimed to be useful for candida regulation in 5 different ways.

These include absorbing and removing toxic debris, breaking and destroying yeast blooms, balancing PH levels, offering nutritional support for intestinal repair and by providing candida-fighting nutrients.

To get to know how it works, we looked closely into the ingredients it contains.

CandiClear5 Zortho Ingredients

• Diatomaceous Earth is the major ingredient in this product. It is a natural substance obtained from fossilized water plants that is known to destroy candida or any parasites that it comes into contact with in the gastrointestinal system. Each serving of 20 grams provide 10 grams of diatomaceous earth 4.5 grams of zeolite powder, known to absorb mercury and other toxins and to balance body’s pH.

• It also contains a proprietary of 12 ingredients known to posses immune boosting properties and for their effectiveness in eliminating candida, which include:

Xylitol– is a form of a sweetener that doesn’t feed but kills candida

• Yeast extract – for boosting immune system

• Vitamin C, Barley Grass, Broccoli and Parseley concentrate, Astragalus, Organic Cinnamon, Russian Alagan, fulvic acid and polycil humic acid formula – all used for the purpose of boosting the immune system to fight candida.


The product comes in 1.5lbs container. Each container consists 34 servings; so the suggested use is 20 grams daily.

Possible Side Effects

Apart from its strong taste, CandiClear5 does not have any known side effects. However, there are too many substances that have been added to the main ingredients, which may end up weakening its effectiveness or even causing side effects in some users.

Will This Produce Long-Term Results?

This product relies on the effectiveness of one ingredient and the quality or grade of zeolite contained in it is not verified. Further blending it with too many compounds, some of which may be ineffective might result to poor or negative results.


Each container of CandiClear5 retails at $99.95. Some retailers sell it at a discounted price if it’s ordered in large quantities. This might be a considerable price given that the product comes in a 1.5lbs container. We however found several products with quality and more effective ingredients retailing at better prices.

CandiClear5 Zortho Guarantee

We were unable to access the manufacturers’ website and we therefore couldn’t tell whether they have return or refund policy. We also did not find any of the websites selling this product offering money back guarantee.

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