Rapid Yeast Relief by RenewLife is product that claims to renew feminine balance. It is a formula that promotes optimal vaginal, as well as urinary tract health. The product works in two ways – break down Candida cells with the use of potent enzymes, and replenishes the good bacteria in the urinary and vaginal tract.

The product is packaged in two bottles with a packaging label in pink and yellow. Since the product works in two steps, it has to come in two. The carton is also labeled in pink and yellow, and showing the functions of the product.

RenewLife Rapid Yeast Relief Ingredients

  • Potent Enzymes – The potent enzymes are responsible for helping the body break down the cell walls of the Candida fungi.
  • Active Probiotic Cultures – The amount of the active probiotic cultures in the product is said to be around 20 million. These cultures are known replenish the amount of beneficial bacteria in the urinary and genital tract.


For the part one of the program in taking the product, the dosage is two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach for at least an hour before taking a meal. Another two capsules are taken in the evening also in an empty stomach at least two hours after taking a meal. After taking the capsules, lots of water should be taken.

Possible Side Effects

The known side effect of the product is that it causes stomach aches. The first part of the program which is the inhibition of Candida using potent enzymes upset the stomachs of quite a number of users.

Will This Product Produce Long-Term Results?

While the product can relieve fungal formation and improve vaginal health, it does not produce a significant long-term result.


The product costs $22.49 per package. It costs $49.19 per month. The product is in sale and was brought down from $24.99.

RenewLife Rapid Yeast Relief Guarantee

Purchasing the product has no money back guarantee if the user is unsatisfied or not getting the right results.

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