One of the main problems of women is when the part down there starts to itch. And when it starts to itch, it may continue indefinitely. What women usually do is that they opt for topical treatments to treat the itchiness or infection from the outside.

In severe cases, doctors would prescribed oral medication to solve the issue from the inside. We took the experiences and opinions of hundreds of reviewers if the oral treatment of RepHresh Pro-B really works.

What RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement Contains:

Recommended Daily Dosage

It is recommended that you only take one capsule per day, as it is enough to maintain feminine health. However, best results are experienced when used in conjunction with RepHresh Vaginal Gel, a topical treatment which complements the oral medication.

How Much Does It Cost?

The current price of RepHesh Pro-B is at $20.99 for a pack 30 capsules. Since one capsule is enough for a day, you will only spend 70 cents per day for maintenance. If you choose the subscribe option on their Amazon listing, you get 5% off in your purchase.

Before Taking This Supplement

The health statements issued on this product have not been fully evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product contains lactose, which makes it not suitable for lactose intolerants or vegans. This is also not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

In Conclusion

RepHresh Pro-B really does work in balancing pH, eliminating odor, and relieving minor discomfort. However, some of our reviewers state that it’s not as effective as other products which are a bit pricier. The consequence of its cheap cost is the low quality of its effectiveness. Moreover, it only has two probiotic strains compared to other products which have more.

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