Only Natural Yeast Therapy is a unique formulation of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics designed to provide women a natural defense against yeast infection.

Only Natural Yeast Therapy may be beneficial for those susceptible to yeast infections and may promote overall health, effectively and naturally.

Only Natural’s Yeast Therapy provides a natural yeast infection remedy.

Only Natural Yeast Therapy Ingredients

  • Vitamin A – 1200 i.u,
  • Vitamin B1 – 20 mg. B vitamins assist in the metabolism of carbohydrates and other nutrients to produce energy.
  • Vitamin B2 – 20 mg,
  • Vitamin B5 – 15 mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 50 mg,
  • d-Biotin – 800 mg,
  • Selenium – 100 mg. Selenium is a component of glutathione peroxidase, a radical enzyme and vital antioxidant that supports good health by preventing the oxidation by free radicals. Selenium may be used in natural yeast infection remedies to support immune system function via detoxification. Low levels of selenium may be linked to cardiovascular disease and inflammatory disease.
  • Zinc – 10 mg,
  • Cranberry Extract – 150 mg,
  • Garlic – 300 mg. Garlic is known to detoxify the body, protect against infection, maintain healthy blood pressure, improve circulation, and enhance immune function.
  • Wild Oregano Extract – 300 mg,
  • Black Walnut Hull – 125 mg. Black walnut is added to destroy harmful parasites which deprive body of vital nutrients.
  • Dandelion Root – 120 mg,
  • Pau d’Arco Extract – 250 mg,
  • Echinacea – 75 mg. Echinacea is also included. This may enhance immune system activity by stimulating white blood cell action, which protects the body against infections. It is commonly used in natural yeast infection remedies because it may increase recovery and prevent further infection.
  • Myrrh – 75 mg,
  • Corn Silk – 75 mg,
  • Goldenseal Root – 50 mg,
  • Uva Usi Extract – 100 mg. Urva ursi contains diarrheic properties and promotes excretion of fluids to support bladder and kidney health, liver and spleen, and support prostrate disorders.
  • Buckhorn Bark – 50 mg,
  • Cascara Segrada – 50 mg,
  • Probiotic Blend – 1,000,000,000 ct,Acidophilus may also support a healthy intestinal tract, and promote normal and natural elimination to maintain healthy body weight.
  • Caprylic Acid – 250 mg. Caprylic acid, found in Only Natural Yeast Therapy, is commonly used in natural yeast infection remedies as a natural anti-fungal agent. It may aid in the prevention and recovery of chronic candidiasis, also known as yeast infection.


2 tablets twice daily with water 30 minutes before or after meals.


 $10.99 for  30 tablets (a 15 day supply) or $18.99 for 60 tablets (a 30 day supply). The product can be purchased on line or from a dealer network.

Only Natural Yeast Therapy Guarantee

The product source has no information about product returns and warranties, but does provide a contact phone number and address as well as a tool to send messages on line to the vendor.


This product is expensive at $18.99 for a one month supply but contains an extensive number of ingredients that the product vendor claims in product source supports good health. Given the limited information about product gurantees and returns as well as the extensive list of product ingredients, a prospective buyer before purchasing this product may want to either locate and visit a local product dealer to learn more about the product or have a health care professional evaluate the product prior to purchase.

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