Natural Treatments for Yeast Infection

Going for natural remedies in treating yeast infection is truly the better way to go about the problem, provided that the condition is not yet severe. High dosage medications are not really needed as long as the yeast infection is still manageable and if the overall health of the person is still sufficient to recover and combat the yeast overgrowth. Know that a yeast infection is not unusual, and it can happen anytime to anyone even to those who are in perfect health. Still, leaving a yeast infection untreated can make the condition severe and escalate it to a point where any treatment can be difficult.

A yeast infection is caused by a specie of fungi known as candida albicans. This type of fungi usually requires continuous treatments through reactive chemicals or other natural elements that will counteract its growth and spread.

Natural Treatments For Yeast InfectionA yeast infection commonly occurs on the body parts that are usually not exposed to air and sunlight, though it can really grow anywhere in the body. This is the reason why yeast infections are usually seen in vaginal and penal areas, the lower back and anal area, armpits, feet, and all other hidden areas. No matter where the infection happens, consider the effectiveness of natural remedies before going for commercialized medications.

Hygiene is Important

Cleanliness of the body or personal hygiene plays a big role in making sure that yeast does not grow too much and keeps it to an acceptable level in the body. The reason that yeast infections usually happen in areas least exposed to air and warmth of the sun — armpit, penal and vaginal area, anal area and other middle body parts, feet, ears, and mouth — are because these body parts have the most moisture and higher temperatures that favor yeast.

This is why it is advisable to avoid wearing tight clothes, especially during the warm season. Natural fiber or cotton clothes are better because these fabrics can accommodate air circulation.

Never allow the wet suit to dry on the surface of the skin after swimming. Cleanse the body with soap, and dry it thoroughly. The same advice goes after taking a shower — dry all body parts with a clean towel and make sure that there is no moisture left where yeast and bacteria can grow and infest.

Natural Treatments For Yeast InfectionFor women, the use of feminine hygienic wash is very common. Though, this may be good because it cleanses the genital area and prevents odor, it can also eliminate those organisms naturally needed by the body as protection against harmful elements, causing the yeast to grow beyond a normal level. Clean the genital area on a regular basis, at least two or three times a day with natural products or those cleaning agents with a pH level right for the body. Obviously, it is important to wash clothes thoroughly and change towels regularly.

Yeast Overgrowth in The Genital Area

If there is overgrowth of yeast in the genital area, seek medical attention immediately to make sure that the yeast infestation does not spread to other body parts or internally, as well as infect other people.

Remember that yeast can be transferred just be direct skin contact or the sharing of towels or clothes. Use natural remedies to ease uncomfortable symptoms such as itchiness and inflammation of the skin. The best thing is that natural remedies are usually easy to find especially in the kitchen of every household.

Natural Treatments For Yeast InfectionYou can apply simple natural remedies directly to the affected area to neutralize, control, and even eliminate the yeast infection. For example, vinegar is the most common disinfectant agent that can be applied directly to the skin. Vinegar has natural acid strong enough to destroy yeast and all other harmful bacteria. Consuming garlic and oil of oregano also counteracts the yeast infection both externally and internally.  These organic and natural products boost the overall immunity of the body, which makes it easier for the body to control.

Another treatment is natural yogurt, especially unflavored fresh yogurts. This dairy product is very rich in probiotic that can protect the intestines and the entire digestive system by increasing the number of good bacteria, which then destroys the toxins and other harmful elements and organisms in the intestines. As an alternative, taking probiotic supplements or drinks will have the same effect.

Lastly, tea tree oil is a very popular essential oil in the field of natural and organic remedies.  This oil has been playing a big role for thousands of years already especially in oriental culture. In fact, most of the hygienic and cosmetic products in the market today use tea tree oil to promote natural cleansing and disinfection. Mix the oil with warm water and apply it directly on the affected area.  It can be gargled as well if the infection is in the mouth or throat area.