Candida Digest is manufactured by a company known as Planetary Herbals. Its effectiveness is relied on a compound referred to as Hinga Shtak, which is a mixture of spicy, pungent carminative herbs used traditionally as alternative medicine to improve digestive system.

The product is marketed as a broad spectrum solution for digestive activity. To get to know how it works, we did a bit of investigating on its ingredients.

Candida Digest Planetary Herbals Ingredients

• Bai-Zhu Atractylodes root – is a Chinese herb used traditionally for cleansing of spleen and for indigestion. It’s from this use that it’s said to have earned a title, The first herb of invigorating Qi and strengthening spleen.

• Asafetida Gum – whose resin is a gum-like substance used for digestive problems, allergies and candida.

• Caraway seed – Its oil has been used to treat fungal and candida infections.

• Ginger root – has been used as an anti-fungal. Ginger root may however cause side effects such as rashes, heartburn, nausea and bloating.

• Long pepper – The fruit is combined with other herbs in Ayurvedic medicine for treating indigestion and intestinal gas.

• Slippery Elm Bark – is a slightly astringent powder used for various problems including constipation, diarrhea and other stomach problems. It’s claimed that Slippery Elm inner bark powder taken with quality probiotics can help treat yeast infection. However this has not been backed by any scientific evidence.

Dandelion root– has been used as traditional medicine and for supporting normal digestion for hundreds of years. One study has shown that it can help inhibit the growth of Candida albicans.

• Rock Salt – is a chunky salt used at home to make ice cream, which is also believed to deter pests.

• Other blend of ingredients include dibasic calcium phosphate, cellulose gum, acacia gum, stearic acid and magnesium


The recommended dose for this product is 2 tablets daily, preferably between meals.

Possible Side Effects

Some chemicals found in atractylodes have been found to cause dry mouth, nausea or allergen reaction in some people. Blending of too many substances may also cause reaction or negative results in some users.

Will This Produce Long-Term Results?

Based on its ingredients, Candida Digest may offer relief as a maintenance supplement for stomach disorders. Blending it with too many ingredients that have little or no proven medicinal value may also weaken its effectiveness.


The company does not sell directly to the consumers. But their recommended price is $14.75 for 90 tablet bottle and $27.98 for 180 tablets. Retailers sell each bottle of 180 tablets between $13.00 and $28.00, while the 90 tablet bottle costs between $7.00 and $15.00.
If you stick to 2 tablets daily, that’s the much it will cost you for 90 days or 45 days respectively, depending on which bottle you buy. That looks pretty much affordable, doesn’t it? Well, based on the quality of its constituents, you wouldn’t expect it to cost more.

Candida Digest Planetary Herbals Guarantee

The company does not sell directly to consumers and so we did not find any money back guarantee from their website. Some retailers offer some form of guarantee. In one instance we noted, you can use the product for a month return the used pack for 50% refund if you are not satisfied only under the following conditions. You agree to complete one month course, call or email the sellers to get a return authorization number and return the pack within forty days of purchase date.

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