Ways to Fight Candidiasis or Yeast Infection

There are many types of yeast infection known in medicine, and the one caused by candida is called candidiasis. Candidiasis can appear anywhere in inside the body. A yeast infection may show up in the nails, genital area, rectal area, armpit, ears, or feet, and it can spread to the internal organs if it penetrates the bloodstream.

Candidiases or Yeast Infection in Our Body

Simple Method To Fight Candidiasis Or Yeast InfectionYeast infections most commonly appear on the skin from head to feet. Women commonly get candidiasis because they get hormonal changes more often compared to men. Nevertheless, nobody is really exempt from catching this infection. Genital yeast infection is the second most common type of yeast infection. As mentioned, women are more prone to developing yeast infections due to their complex body structure, specifically their genitals, which provides a perfect environment for candida to thrive.

There are many ways a person can fight against yeast infections, starting with simple anti-fungal medications available in the pharmacy everywhere. But know that yeast infection has a high tendency to reoccur, especially when the immune system of the person is troubled or compromised.

Nevertheless, a yeast infection can be eliminated easily, and there are many simple methods a person can do to naturally treat the yeast infection.

Preventive Care against Candidiasis or Yeast Infection

We must have heard this advise for a lot of times already but drinking at least 8 glasses of water or more everyday will help the body as a whole.  Water can help the body in the process of detoxification and cleansing as it flushes the stored toxins out of the body through urination, perspiration, and bowel.  It can also flush the excessive glucose out of the body which is one of the triggering factors for yeast to grow uncontrollably.

Adding yogurt to the usual menu helps to destroy the yeast infection. Yogurt contains probiotics that moderate the growth of the yeast in the body, especially in the intestine. In the absence of yogurt, probiotic drinks also work. Probiotics consume the yeast, making it hard for candida to survive if they co-exist.  You can apply yogurt directly to the infected area in order to treat the yeast infection with immediate effects.

 Remedies for Candidiasis or Yeast Infection

Simple Method To Fight Candidiasis Or Yeast InfectionAnother natural home remedy helpful in treating yeast infection is apple cider vinegar. Many studies of apple cider vinegar show benefits, especially if consumed daily every morning. According to some experts, apple cider vinegar can help in natural detoxification. It cannot be applied raw to the infected area, due to its acidic characteristic, but it can be added to the water of a warm bath.

Oregano oil is another natural home remedy that can help in eliminating the yeast infection. This essential oil contains carvacrol, which can effectively stop the growth of the yeast. In fact, carvacrol is one of the main ingredients of most prescribed treatments available for candidiasis.

Eating garlic can also minimize and eliminate yeast infection and its uncomfortable symptoms. Many medications and supplements on the market today contain garlic as one of their active ingredients since it contains anti-fungal properties! Crushed garlic and garlic capsules can be applied towards the infected area to kill the infection and minimize the symptoms.