Natural Remedies to Treat Candidiasis

Candidiasis occurs when there is an uncontrollable growth of yeast in the body. This condition falls under yeast infection in the medical field. Though, yeast infection is common to women it can also affect men of all ages. According to some studies, candidiasis or yeast infection can be triggered by some imbalances in the body causing yeast to multiply uncontrollably.

Can Natural Remedies Really Help In Treating Candidiasis?Candida occurs naturally in the body especially on the surface of the skin, especially those parts that are not usually exposed to sunlight. Candida’s activity and inhabitation is controlled by the good bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus.

If the number of these good bacteria decreases, the growth rate of yeast or candida becomes hyperactive. If they reach an abnormal level, symptoms start to appear such as skin irritation and inflammation.

Natural Remedies can Help

The good news is that you don’t have to fully depend on expensive pharmaceutical medications because natural remedies can also treat the consequent skin infection, provided that it is still manageable. In fact, most of these remedies are more efficient in treating candidiasis without any side effects.

Pharmaceutical products or natural remedies are easily available for anyone suffering from yeast overgrowth, but it’s important to determine the main cause of yeast infection as well. Fungal or yeast infection is common to those with a compromised immune system. If such immunity problems are not resolved, the infection will simply reoccur, even though there other conditions can also trigger yeast infection or overgrowth.

Fungal, yeast, or candida albicans can grow excessively in any body part, but they usually thrive in the mouth, lower back areas including the anus, penal, and vaginal area, armpits, feet, and all other possible areas.

Since internal candidiasis is most common in the intestine, it is especially helpful to eat from food groups that have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Eat especially foods that increase the number of prebiotics and all other vitamins and minerals to help the body counteract excessive growth of yeast.  Eating antioxidant rich food helps enhance the immune system and cleanses the body from toxins already settled in the body; these toxins benefit yeast causing them to multiply faster.  For example, a good amount of garlic neutralizes and kills an excessive number of candida albicans due to its antifungal properties.

Baking Soda is also a FactorCan Natural Remedies Really Help In Treating Candidiasis?

Baking soda is also a good treatment agent for candidiasis.  Dilute a half tablespoon of baking soda in pure lemon juice or warm water and apply it to the affected area at least three times a day. Baking soda promotes a pH level that combats candida albicans, yeast, or fungi.  Five drops of  35% hydrogen peroxide mixed with clean water also works in the same way to disinfect the skin.

While medications and natural remedies are always available for the treatment of yeast overgrowth, it is better to ensure the status of the immune system. A strong immune system allows the body to easily control and eliminate the possibility of yeast overgrowth. When the immune system is already compromised, consult a doctor or medical specialist for treatments to reinforce the immune system.